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sexta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2013

Video: They're Made Out Of Meat #edcmooc

What is your interpretation of this film? In what ways does it position ‘the human’ in relation to the technological? What does it say about ways in which human emotion can be manipulated by digital simulation?

It’s interesting that in this film humans are represented as aliens in a human-like alien world. Humans are taken as machines made of meat. The guys struggle to understand how it’s possible, a brain made of meat be able to think, how bodies made of meat can move and talk. The roles are inverted and now the humans are studied by non-human aliens.

I also noticed that by character’s behavior, humans are regarded as being emotional and both aliens as rational, but although they’re rational, they seem not to understand how “simple” meat-made creatures are able to perform so many things without an in-built technological system.

As they (aliens)  have the power to make the memories of the studied people relate  their experience as dreams, there’s a clear example of how emotions can be manipulated by digital simulation. Those abducted people will have their real experience  as being just a dream.

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