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terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2013

Video: Social media is science fiction #edcmooc

What do these stories indicate about our future options and relations with technology? And what do they tell us about our preoccupations and assumptions now (or in the recent past)? To what extent are they structured by the utopia-dystopia opposition?  

 I guess most of the material previously lauched about technology has something in common: the pros and cons of technology. It's interesting to compare our reality and such material and notice how assertive ou completely wrong they were as to predict how such technological future would be.

The common sense of such material, including material that's being produced now, is that they're full of utopic and dystopic points still to be revealed. It's like the future is always aheadand such answers are constantly postponed and handed in to a future that never comes.

Of course that many issues about the relationship between technology and modern society already been proven cards out of the game, but since our extremely complex modern society is constantly changing, most questions, uncertainties and even fearsabout the future of technology tend to reproduce in the sea of progress. It's like for each question that's finally answered, arouses one hundred more. 

I just wonder if someday in the future our grandchildren wil find our comments forgotten in an old  hard drive and wonder: How come they didn't know about it? I can't believe they didn't have a clue about such obvious things!'

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