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domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013

Video: Sight #edcmooc

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

What is going on here, and how do you interpret the ending? How does this vision align and contrast with the ones in the first two films?

One of my favorites so far. Amazing to  see how characters are manipulative yet manipulated. In this  film people rely on technology for a better comprehension of the world, but the question is…excessive comprehension to the point that personality, individuality and feelings are left aside? What will be the cost of such life controlled by systems? How to combine emotion and feelings with machines without becoming half human half robots?
The guy’s attitude, or lack of it, is alarming. The guy seems not to have personality enough to live his life, with all challenges and drawbacks without relying on such technology that looks like a virtual personality.
I’m just afraid to notice that so many people may really sell their souls, exchange the natural and sometimes risky and disappointing life development path for a stable and secure way of living only based on technology.
In my opinion there’s a real risk of the use of technology and information transform people in information charts. As a matter of fact,  people should never be tagged, much less treated like electronic profiles. If we think about the social media like Facebook, for instance,  there’s already a tendency of doing such a thing.
People create virtual lives that, in most cases, simply don’t correspond to the real ones. If people's tendency to virtualize their lives is a matter of choice I just hope that they don’t virtualize their souls otherwise  we wouldn’t need a WWIII  to extinct our human race!

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