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terça-feira, 26 de novembro de 2013

Video: Robbie - A Short Film By Neil Harvey #edcmooc

Robbie - A Short Film By Neil Harvey from Neil Harvey on Vimeo.

In particular, you might want to think about the final scene of the movie in which another core sci-fi fantasy - memory backup - is drawn on. What does this notion say about the nature of mind, memory and learning, and the ways in which technological mediation is positioned in relation to it?

The film brings a special and “grounded” foresee of our near future. We know how difficult and inaccurate is trying to predict the future nowadays, but the film, in my opinion, is quite realistic in terms of what might happen within the following decades.

Concerning the human and emotional characteristics of the robot, I do think that it’s possible to be achieved, but such characteristics must be programed and input, I really cannot believe that a robot may feel since it’s doesn’t have human biological structure.

I think that robots can ‘think’, but in different way of humans, but in a programmed and mechanical way. I really don’t know If someday in the future we will have enough technology to input biological human thinking into robots, providing them with human-like capacity to choose, feel and even memory. If it happens, I do hope that it can create good results and not Frankensteins.

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