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terça-feira, 26 de novembro de 2013

Video: Avatar Days #edcmooc

What does the final section of this film in particular reveal about the relationship between player and avatar, between the human and the simulation? What versions of the human are opened up here, and which are closed down?

The end is very surprising. Along the film the roles are inverted, avatars live like humans, occupying the same spaces, doing the same things as humans and humans are so  used to them that they don’t seem to notice or to be surprised.

In my opinion the film illustrates how avatars (symbolizing technology and a kind of second personality) are present in our lives. The different approach of the film is that they are in the same social position as humans. When I watched the end I felt very surprised because I noticed that the avatars were the representation of humans, each person’s avatar. Instead of being restricted to the computer and virtual world, they were exposed in real life.

I just imagine if such situation could really ever happen and how it would reveal each of  us since our avatars are a relevant representation of our personalities, wishes, dreams, ideology and character. As representation of our step and virtual self. 

For me, one themessages of this film is that avatars (and technology) will be more and more present in our world, in our lives to the point that virtual will mix up with real, as it already happens to many technologically influenced people.

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