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sexta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2013

Humanity 2.0: Defining humanity by Steve Fuller’s #edcmooc

I disagree with the professor’s idea that humanity is artificial, in my opinion, humanity is cultural since it’s developed and performed influenced by our society, family, country, among other factors.

I must agree that as humans, we are created with a group of perpetuated biological characteristics that distinct us from animals, for example. I also agree that although we have such characteristics, as humans we have an amazing capacity to adaptation, develop, change and educate ourselves. For example, we are gifted with an impressive capacity of learning how to speak a language even before we learn how to write and read it, without going to a school, without being officially taught to do so and even more important, without the usage of any technology.

Our human potential is huge and endless, but cultural issues, either imposed or not, may boycott our educational development, that’s why it’s so difficult to approach such subject contextualized in education.
Thinking education as a cultural, social and economic product, humans are limited to what can be offered in each individual context. As diverse as humans, education as  a cultural aspect tend to be extremely diverse and quite difficult to be regarded as being good quality, enough, bad, trendy, etc.

I think that such relativeness about education should not be excuse for not giving credit and importance towards the individual necessity of being properly educated. Thinking education in a humanized context, education should come from the most simple and basic principles, that are the basic language and moral skills in order to be a descent citizen regardless location, social status, age, gender, individual capacity or even personal objectives.

Like a seed that is correctly planted, the humans can develop from such basic principles that initially not necessarily involves technology or access to educational institutions. Given some human characteristics mentioned above, as humans we can adapt, develop, change   ourselves to make things possible, including the education of our (personal) dreams.

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