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quarta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2013

Film: Toyota GT86: the ‘real deal’ advert #edcmooc

The opposition created here is between digital technology as ‘unreal’ and de-humanizing and the natural world as authentic and living; how does this opposition continue to be played out in popular discussions about technology-mediated education?

I guess one of the problems is to approach both as if they are separated and not mixed, as they really are. Although many people insist on saying that technology-mediated education has a lot of drawback, people should focus their studies on how to optimize technology-mediated education in our modern context aware that it's impossible to separate them.

People still keep choosing one side of the issue  when they should accept that it's possible to make a very effective use of traditional (real-life) and technological (virtual) education. I  think there's space, interest, and most of all, acceptance for both.

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