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segunda-feira, 11 de novembro de 2013

Bendito Machine III #edcmooc

1) What is this film suggesting are the ecological and social implications of an obsession or fixation on technology?

As I see, in the film's context the technology is kind of imposed. People accept it based on their believes, culture and basic need of idolatrizing something that represents their faith. It's interesting to notice that even after the, so called technology, causes destruction among the people, they just ignore it and proceed with their uncritical behavior into acceptance and obedience. As a mass, they're manipulated and directly influenced by the technological object that represents the existing technology nowadays. So much can be discussed about it, but the short film basically shows the dystopias about the advent of technology and how easily and blindly people may be dominated by it.

2) Do the film’s characters have any choice in relation to their technologies?

No. They don’t. All they can do is replace the old technology by the new one in an endless process. In their need and search for technology there’s no way back. There’s no possibility of living without it. As part of such process, people are not given the opportunity to think about the pros and cons of technology.

3) What are the characteristics of various technologies as portrayed in this film?

They represent the world and the complex modern society. They represent the good and the bad, the best and the worst of it. More than that, it has the power of engaging people, of changing people’s lives, habits, thoughts and attitude. 

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  2. I agree with your interpretation of the film, Andre. I would just say that I to me it didn't suggest that the humans didn't have any active agency at all. In the end of the day, despite their obsession with thechnology, they could, as you pointed out, dismiss those pieces of technology which they previously acceted as god-like and dominating. I saw that as a reminder that people are capable of winning back their control over technonolgy and its only their choice to rely on technology and constantly ask for more and more advanced pieces. So, I would say that humans in this film are not as dispowered as, say, those in "New Media". Does it make any sence?

  3. Oh, just a "Post Scriptum"... Have you noticed that you've linked to a different part of the film? ;)